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Video: Aboriginal tourism in British Columbia

Aboriginal tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in British Columbia's tourism industry, with total revenue increasing by $32 million over the past 9 years.

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Video: Strategic Partnership Initiative: True North Treasure

Increasing Indigenous participation in mining projects in Quebec

Video: Strategic Partnerships Initiative: Aboriginal tourism in British Columbia

Aboriginal Tourism British Columbia becomes a global leader in Indigenous tourism

Video: Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre: Annual science fair

Annual fair has grown to include about 2000 students from almost all First Nations schools in the province

Video: Dokis First Nation Okikendawt project

Creating economic opportunities now and for generations to come

Video: Saskatoon Tribal Council

Learn about the successes of this tribal council.

Video: Regaining independence: Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

New opportunities for economic development by signing the First Nation Land Management Act

Video: Strategic Partnerships Initiative: First Nations Power Authority

Transforming the renewable energy sector in Saskatchewan

Video: Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre: Roseau River First Nation pilot project

Providing First Nations students with new opportunities and support to succeed in their education

Video: St. Mary's First Nation Retail

Growing the economy

Video: Tallcree First Nation water treatment plant

A state-of-the-art water treatment plant providing safe drinking water for a whole community for generations to come

Video: The Vancouver land transfer deal: Strength in partnership

A partnership to regain First Nations land succeeds

Video: Strategic Partnerships Initiative: Atlantic fisheries

Creating new jobs and business opportunities for First Nations

Video: Saskatchewan's one millionth acre

Lanc claim settlements create up to 2.4 million acres of new rural and urban reserve lands

Video: The Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada

Learn about the Aboriginal Firefighters Association of Canada and the National Firefighters Competition

Video: Osoyoos Indian Band: A model of progress and initiative employing hundreds of people

In British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, the Osoyoos Indian Band has a strong vision for its future.

Video: Makoonsag Intergenerational Children's Centre

Daycare brings together many generations to reclaim their identity, while parents get job training right next door

More Information: The 20th Anniversary of National Aboriginal Day

Find out about the history of this day and the celebrations.

Video: Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program: Gabriel Dumont Institute

Students and faculty share their success in the certified educational programs

Story: Coffee benefits communities and bears

At Spirit Bear Coffee, advocating for community development and good coffee go hand in hand

Video: Indspire: Inspiring Indigenous student success

A national organization providing scholarships and bursaries to First Nations, Inuit and Metis students across Canada

Video: Penticton Indian Band Eco Housing Initiative

Providing First Nations band with affordable housing using low-cost energy efficient technology

Video: Charting a path for prosperity: Long Plain First Nation urban reserves

A second urban reserve helps meet growing demand for housing, jobs and training

Video: Millbrook First Nation: Truro Power Centre

Creating opportunities for local businesses to prosper

Video: Legacy of Hope Foundation

Educating Canadians on the history of residential schools

Video: The We Wai Kai Nation operates under its own land code

Land code leads to new economic opportunities

Video: T'Sou-ke First Nation: A leader in the innovative use of renewable energy

Solar thermal heating used for hot water and community projects

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